Albert Fish:
Convicted Child Killer

The crimes that Albert Fish participated in back in the 1920s are comparable to a living nightmare.  He is known to be a pedophile, cannibal and child murderer.  He was convicted of killing a young girl and sentenced to death.  He was executed in 1936 by use of an electric chair at Sing Sing Prison in the state of New York. 

Phot Credit: By Bain News Service, publisher [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Although his execution was due to the murder of a girl, it seems his preference was young boys according the sordid detailed stories that he shared. In an attempt to use an insanity plea, Fish implicated himself in three murders; although he is suspected of many more.  The claims of insanity did not prove to be useful for him.

He is known as Hamilton Howard Fish, who went by Albert.  Nicknames given to this child murderer include The Boogey Man (as described by a witness of abduction), the Gray Man (as described by a witness to his presence near a disappearance), the Werewolf of Wysteria (relating to the location of a murder), the Brooklyn Vampire, and the Moon Maniac.     



The Victims of Albert Fish

Fish was convicted of the kidnapping and murder of  a young girl.   A detailed letter of the murder and dismemberment of the victim was anonymously sent to the girl's family.  The letter contained detailed accounts of torture and cannibalism.  The letter led to the identification and eventual capture of the perpetrator around six years after the girl disappeared.

Fish was suspected of other murders and admitted to several, although he was not tried for them.  Two victims that were linked to him include a young boy who was sexually assaulted and strangled, and a young boy whose body was never found.  Fish evidently admitted to raping and killing the first boy and wrote about the torture, killing and cannibalism of the second youngster.

The Psyche of this Serial Killer         

Fish is described as a mild mannered man who seemed trustworthy and gentle, grandfatherly in appearance.  In reality, he was monstrous man who took pleasure in sadomasochistic activities with children along with taking pleasures in eating human flesh. 

He did come from a troubled childhood and his family had a history of mental illness.  He fathered six children with a wife who is thought to have come from an arranged marriage. 

The story of this serial killer is riddled with various experiences that could be contributed to his development of a Class IV sexual sadist and cannibal.  He was determined to be abnormal, but not insane.  A study of his psyche would be very interesting and complex.     

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