Child Murder Cases and Crimes Against Children

Hearing about child murder cases or crimes against children is grueling, to say the least.  Many parents can't fathom enduring such a case with their own children.  When hearing of missing children, sexual predators, child killers and human traffickers often are the first to come to mind; although parent abductions, child exploitation by families, and child killings by other young children also occur.   

There are many organizations and agencies that focus on bringing missing children home, or bringing some of closure to families who are missing little ones.  According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, many accounts of missing children are not reported, which is an unbelievable fact in itself.  Statistics of reports of missing children in the United States are overwhelming. 

Child Murder Cases Past and Present

One murder case of a child or involving a child is too many.  There have been many children who experienced untimely death at the hands of another, recently and in the past.  So many children have suffered uncalled for infliction and tragic deaths.  From child predators and serial killers to other child homicides, the murder of a child is unthinkable. 

Solved missing children cases, such as that of Jaycee Lee Dugard give hope to loved ones of missing children, even when hearing about the terrors that she endured.  In her book, A Stolen Life, Jaycee says, "I don't think of myself as a victim, I simply survived an intolerable situation."

There are so many unsolved cases involving children that it is unimaginable.  Then there are murder cases committed by parents of the murdered child...

A memorable case is the one of the Smith children.  Their mother, Susan Smith, was convicted of drowning them.  Initially she reported them missing with an abduction story prior to confessing to their murder back in the 90s.  The book written by their father, David Smith, was an emotional read.  It is titled, Beyond All Reason: My Life with Susan Smith.  To hear him talk about the loss of his children even today is unbearable.   

Who Is to Blame…

More often than not, in child murder cases previous life experiences and psychological factors are used to defend child killers, or the offenders hold solid to the "I didn't do it" defense. 

Often child protective services get brought into the picture for their failures in detecting, controlling or preventing the death of a child, while parents who kill their own children may blame postpartum depression or claim insanity.

At any rate, the investigation and prosecution of murders of children is emotional to say the least.  When a child is missing or if a child dies, there is always a search for what could have been done to prevent such a tragic thing from happening. 

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