Christian Longo:
The Murders of the Longo Family

In 2003, Christian Longo was convicted of murder and sentenced to death at the age of 29.  The crime… aggravated murder of four family members.  The murders took place in December, shortly before Christmas in 2001.  These tragic events happened in Lincoln County in state of Oregon. 

Photo Credit: The Official FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List

Over an eight day period, the bodies of Longo's wife and three small children were found in the waters... 

First found was the couple's oldest son who was four years old.  Three days later, their daughter was found, she was three years old.  Both were found in a coastal inlet near Waldport, Oregon. 

Two days after Christmas, two suitcases were found in the water near a marina in Newport, Oregon containing the bodies of the mother of the precious children who was 34 years old, and their youngest daughter who was only two years old. 

murder Charges and Arrest of Christian Longo

The day after the last victims were found, a warrant was issued for Christian Michael Longo.  He was charged with multiple counts of aggravated murder along with an unlawful flight charge.  In January of 2002, he was placed the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list and a $50,000 reward was for offered for information to lead to his arrest.

Shortly after being placed on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list, a report of a sighting of Longo came in from an individual who recognized him from his photo.  He was found at a resort near Cancun, Mexico and he was arrested without resistance.  He agreed to be transported to the United States rather than being imprisoned in Mexico while fighting extradition.   

Christian Longo Murder Case and Trial

Longo pled guilty to the aggravated murder charges of his wife and one daughter, but a not guilty plea was entered for the charges of aggravated murder of the other two children.  In the beginning of the trial, the pleas were perplexing until the defense presented its side of the story. 

Prosecutors in the case painted a picture of Longo as a cold-blooded killer who planned the murders in advance while making arrangements for a new identity for him to start a new life without the burdens of a family.  The story presented by the defense focused on the fact that two of the children were found in a different location than his wife and youngest daughter, and were killed in a different manner.

Claims made by Christian Longo indicated that his wife had a breakdown and murdered the older children and left the youngest lifeless.  He admitted to losing control and killing his wife.  His admittance included disposing of the bodies of two that he plead to guilty to, and ending the toddler's life because she was still breathing when he attempted to place her in the suitcase. 

The jury did not buy Longo's story.  Longo was found guilty of the aggravated murders.  He was sentenced to death for the killings of all four of his family members.  He is currently on death row in Oregon.   

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