2016 Dallas Shooting

On July 7th, five police officers were murdered in the Dallas shooting while more officers were wounded along with some civilians.  Micha Xavier Johnson, a twenty-five year old veteran of the Afghan War who served in the Army Reserve, was identified as the shooter.  Johnson was killed by explosives deployed by a robot during the standoff with Dallas police officers after negotiations failed. 

By The White House (facebook (s)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

This event occurred after a peaceful protest, part of the Black Lives Matter movement.   Initially, some of the protestors were suspected of committing the ambush because they exercised their right to open carry; however, further investigation revealed that Johnson acted alone.  The event that preceded the ambush was to protest the deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling who were killed in altercations with police. 

Details of the Dallas Shooting

During negotiations, Micha Johnson revealed the motive behind his attack on police officers.  He was disturbed about killings conducted by police, he was angry with the Black Lives Matter movement and white people, and he wanted to kill white people and white police officers.

The mass shooting began on Main Street where Johnson began shooting at police.  He then ventured to El Centro College killing another officer on the way.  After he entered the college, he shot an officer through a window. 

Johnson then secured himself around a corner where he continued to fire shots.  Law enforcement attempted to negotiate with Johnson for a couple of hours while he basically mocked them.  He also referred to the planting of explosives in downtown Dallas, none of which were found. 

The standoff ended in early hours of the next day when Johnson died of blunt trauma obtained through the use of explosives delivered by a remote control robot.

Victims of the Dallas Shooting

Five officers, ranging from the age of thirty-two to fifty-five were killed during this altercation.  Four were employed by the Dallas Police Department.  One was employed by the Dallas Area Rapid Transit.

Three of the victims previously served in the military‚Ķ one was a prior Marine, one was a former Army Ranger, and one previously served in the Navy and was a veteran of the Iraq War. 

All were committed to protect and serve their community and had served Dallas for several years.  Family men with wives and children lost their lives in the tragedy.  In addition to these officers who died as a result of this shooting, many others were injured.  

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