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At the age of twenty five, David Meirhofer confessed to murdering four people.  In the infancy of profiling and behavior analysis, Meirhofer became of suspect in two of the cases.  He had passed a polygraph when questioned about the murders, but profilers were unconvinced about his innocence.  After the confession, Meirhofer hung himself thus avoiding prosecution. 

The tale of these murders is heartbreaking without a doubt, but the story shared by one of the victim's mothers is enlightening to say the least.  As a serial killer, the perpetrator is obviously perceived as a monster. 

The Story is Featured on Episode 11 - Dark Woods

Season Five of The FBI Files

He repeatedly contacted the family of one of the victims which led to his identification as the killer through voice analysis.  The compassion of the grieving mother played a major part in the capture of this serial murderer. 

A Heartfelt Story from a Victim's Mother

David Meirhofer Murder Case

In 1973, a seven year old girl went missing from her family campsite in Montana.  Meirhofer was originally questioned due to an anonymous tip, but was seen as an unlikely candidate for being a vicious killer.  When a nineteen year old woman went missing several months later, a young lady that Meirhofer had showed interest in, Meirhofer's name came up again on the list of suspects.

Investigations of these cases resulted in Meirhofer taking a polygraph test that he passed with flying colors.  Profilers who were invited into the case by an investigator were confident that Meirhofer fit the profile and regardless of the polygraph results should remain a suspect in the missing cases of these two females.  They predicted that the perpetrator would contact the families in an attempt to interject themselves in the cases.

Victim's Mother opposed to the Death Penalty

To kill somebody in my little girl's name would be to violate and profane the goodness and sweetness and beauty of who she was ~  Marietta Jaeger Lane as quoted by Mary Klaus via The Patriot-News published by PA Media Group

Through preparations by the FBI, the family of the seven year old victim was expecting a call on the anniversary of the child's abduction.  Calls from the perpetrator were recorded and attempts were made to trace them.  After the mother of the victim had confronted Meirhofer and pled with him to tell her what happened to her little girl, she swore through affidavit that she recognized his voice in one of the calls. 

This warranted a search of Meirhofer's home.  In the search, human body parts were found in his freezer.  When presented with this evidence, Meirhofer confessed to the murder of girl, the woman, and two other local boys whose cases were unsolved.  Shortly after the confession, Meirhofer took his own life by hanging himself in his jail cell.

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