Family Murders

Family murders where an entire family is massacred, when murder-suicide events take place, or where family members kill other family members are unbearable for many.  Some groups of murderers and cults  refer to themselves as family because of the bond that they feel from their common interests of killing which is sickening. 

It is hard enough on family, friends and communities when an entire family is killed in an accident.  Murder is much harder to handle.  The number of cases of this nature is astounding.  It is more prevalent that what was expected. 

When the perpetrator is a family member, or there are murder suicides in families, there are a lot of unanswered questions.  People who knew the family question themselves if were there any signs that they should have noticed.  Many wonder what could have happened to drive them to the state of committing such an atrocity. 

Cases of Family Murders

When reviewing cases of murders conducted by family members, it is evident that family violence is pretty severe and widespread.  Some murders of family are committed by strangers or someone outside of the family, but an awful lot of them are committed by members of the family. Many mass murders of families remain unsolved, which is disturbing.

Murders that involve family members as the perpetrators are disheartening, to say the least.  Families are supposed to love and support each other.  It is sad to realize that not all family members feel that way, or that one could justify in their own mind, the act of killing their family members. 

Some killers murder family members before committing atrocious crimes to prevent them from experiencing or being embarrassed by the tragedies at the hands of their loved ones.  The cases of Kip Kinkel , Charles Whitman  and Mark Barton are examples of this mindset. 

Cult Killers and Self-Defined Families

The followers of Charles Manson called themselves the Manson Family.  The cult is responsible for several murders back in the 60s.  Manson and several of his "family members" were convicted of the shocking crimes and he is still serving out a life sentence that was converted from the death penalty due to the abolition of the death penalty in the state where he is imprisoned. 

Other groups of murderers also call themselves family.  One, for instance, is a group of men in Australia who bound together to commit crimes against young men and teenage boys.  These crimes included kidnapping, torture, sexual abuse, and murder.  One perpetrator is believed to be imprisoned and there have been several suspects; however, it is considered a cold case.

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