Houston Mass Murders

From 1970 to 1973 a string of murders known as the Houston Mass Murders left law enforcement and the community shocked and dismayed.  Teenage boys were the victims. 

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  • Boys were reported missing from the community, many from Houston Heights
  • The general consensus was that they were runaways, although some did not agree     

In August of 1973, the murder spree came to a stop when one of the accomplices shot and killed who was thought to be the mastermind behind the slayings.  Dean Corgll, age 33, died at the scene of the shooting at the hands of Elmer Wayne Henley Jr. (aka Wayne Henley).

As the story goes, Dean Corgll befriended David Brooks who introduced Wayne Henley to Corgll.  Corgll offered Brooks and Henley money for each boy that they brought to him.

When in Corgll's presence, the boys would be raped, tortured and killed.  Brooks and Henley admitted to luring boys to Corgll.  Over time the accomplices either observed or participated in some of the murders and helped to dispose of the remains. 

Victims of the Houston Mass Murders

The number of victims of Dean Corgll is unknown, although the number of victims of this mass murder case are commonly said to be 28 boys from the ages of 13 to 20.  

There is suspicion that Corgll might have been a murderer before he met the boys, Brooks and Henley.  He had told the boys that he had ties to a sex ring.   

The known victims are those that Brooks and Henley assisted law enforcement to discover.  After the shooting of Corgll, the accomplices of the murder spree revealed the locations where the remains of the victims were buried. 

Not all of the victims have been identified, and there are still missing boys from the area that have not been found that may have met their fate at the hands of Corgll.

Houston Mass Murders

Confessions in the case reveal that the main role of David Brooks and Wayne Henley was to lure victims to Dean Corgll's residence.  They admitted to assisting in disposing of the bodies and being present or participating in some of the murders. 

Dean Corgll

Corgll is considered the main perpetrator... 

  • He was older than the accomplices
  • He offered money for participation of the accomplices
  • Killings were committed at his residence
  • Many of the remains were found in a boat shed rented to him
  • He did the majority of the crimes… raping, torturing and murdering the victims
  • He was described as the aggressor by surviving victims

Corgll was known as the Candy Man or the Pied Piper.  His family ran a candy factory.  He was observed giving candy to children in the community as well as socializing with local teens.

Dean Corgll died on August 8, 1973 of multiple gunshot wounds at his residence in Pasadena, Texas. 

David Brooks

David Brooks was an accomplice to the crimes...

  • Brooks was befriended by Dean Corgll when he was around the age of 12
  • He spent a lot of time with Corgll
  • His confession revealed that he participated in abducting the victims
  • He had knowledge of the remains were buried
  • He denied taking part in the murders
  • He was found guilty of one count of murder
  • He is serving a life sentence   

Elmer Wayne Henley Jr.

Wayne Henley was an accomplice in the murders…

  • He was introduced to Dean Corgll by David Brooks
  • He admittedly participated in some of the killings
  • Henley was convicted of six of the murders
  • He is serving multiple life sentences
  • He shot and killed Corgll
  • He was not charged for killing Corgll because it was deemed to be in self defense
  • He cooperated with law enforcement, along with David Brooks, in discovering the remains of the victims
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