James Huberty:
McDonald's Massacre

Back in July of 1984, James Huberty was the shooter in the mass shooting that took place in a McDonald's restaurant in the San Ysidro community of San Diego, California.  Twenty-one people were killed in the shooting and nineteen were injured.  A sniper from the responding SWAT team took the shooter out with a single shot which ended the shooting.  At the time of his death, Huberty was forty-one years old. 

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At the time of the shooting, it is believed that there were forty-five people in the restaurant.  Sixteen were fatally shot inside the restaurant.  Four of the fatalities occurred outside of the restaurant.  The mass murder victims were from the ages of eight months to seventy-four years old.  The people who were shot included men, women, boys, girls, and even babies. 

Life and Death of James Huberty

Prior to the shooting incident, Huberty had moved to the area with his wife and two daughters.  They left Ohio after James lost his job.  He was a welder and had worked as a security guard shortly before the incident.  He had been unemployed for about a week before carrying out the attack.    

The Huberty couple had previously experienced domestic abuse, although they had been married for a little less than twenty years.  There were some signs that Huberty was mental ill; however, at the time of the catastrophe he was not being treated. 

Huberty did call the mental health clinic the day before the shooting.  All of the screening questions were answered and didn't alarm the staff that emergency treatment was treated.  He was told that someone would call him to make an appointment.  The call was logged as a non-crisis inquiry.   

He had spent the morning with his family on the day of the shooting.  They went to San Diego Zoo and had lunch together.  Prior to leaving the apartment, he told his wife that he was going hunting for humans.  She didn't take him seriously.

Weapons Used by James Huberty

Huberty had an arsenal of weapons which were intended for protection in his mind.  For the mass shooting his weapons of choice were an Uzi carbine, a Browning HP and a 12-gauge Winchester 1200. 

An Uzi is a submachine gun, the Browning is a semi-automatic hand gun, and the Winchester is a shot gun.  The shooter used all of the weapons and had a lot of ammunition on hand.     

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