Jeffrey Dahmer: Serial Killer

Jeffrey Dahmer was a serial killer that took the lives of seventeen boys and men from 1978 to 1991.  His victims were dismembered.  Many were drugged and raped.  He also participated in necrophilia and cannibalism as well as preserving body parts to keep the victims with him.

By English: Revere Senior High School [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

He was sentenced to life in prison for sixteen counts of murder or homicide for crimes committed in Wisconsin and Ohio. 

He served a little over two years before he was beaten to death by a fellow inmate. 

He died in November of 1994 at the age of thirty-four. 

He admitted to crimes and willingly discussed the details and his thought processes after he was arrested.     

My Friend Dahmer

The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer

Dahmer Confessions

After his arrest, Dahmer willing discussed his crimes, waiving his rights to an attorney.  He admitted to killing seventeen victims, sixteen in Wisconsin and one in Ohio. 

He was driven by a sexual desire for young men with a particular body style that he found attractive.  His obsession was to have dominance over them, which was his explanation for rendering them unconscious prior to murdering them.

The murders, in Dahmer's eyes, were not the result of hate.  He murdered his victims primarily through strangulation.  He admitted to having sex with the victims after their death and to eating parts of their bodies.

The preservation of body parts and cannibalism were explained by a Dahmer as a way to keep the objects of his desire with him.  He intended to create an alter using skulls and skeletons to accompany the photos that he had taken of victims, a place where he could meditate and feel at home. 

The Murders of Jeffrey Dahmer

Dahmer's murder spree started out slow.  He admittedly knew that what he was doing was wrong, and at first he tried to fight the obsession to kill.  The first murder occurred in 1978 when Dahmer was eighteen years old.  He picked up a hitchhiker and took him to his home to party.  When the young man wanted to leave, Dahmer killed him, masturbated, and then dismembered him.

The next murder didn't occur until nine years later.  In 1987 and 1988, three victims were claimed by Dahmer.  Remains of these victims were never found.  There was one murder in 1989.  The preserved skull and genitals of this victim were found to be retained by Dahmer. 

The most active years of this serial killer were from 1990 to 1991.  In this period, Dahmer claimed the lives of twelve young men.  The remains are preserved body parts of most of these victims were retrieved from Dahmer's residence after his arrest.  The  remains of two of the victims were never recovered; however, Dahmer's admittance sealed the fate for these convictions.      

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