Moses Sithole

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Moses Sithole was convicted of forty counts of rape, thirty eight counts of murder and six counts of robbery in 1997. 

The death penalty may have very well been on the table a few years earlier as execution by hanging was previously exercised in South America.  However, capital punishment was abolished in 1995. 

With consecutive sentences, Sithole ended up with a 2,410 year sentence, with a minimum of 930 years served before being eligible for parole.

The murders tied to Sithole involved three different communities in South America, Atteridgeville, Boksburg and Cleveland, which is why the crimes are often referred to as the ABC Murders.  The timeline of the killing spree was from 1994 to 1995.  Sithole was arrested in October of 1995 and convicted of the crimes in December of 1997. 

The Victims of Moses Sithole  

Officials knew that they had a serial killer on their hands because of similarities in several murder cases.  The crime scenes were in remote areas, many of the victims were identified as job seekers.  They were bound or strangled using clothing items and most appeared to be raped prior to the murder.  All of victims were black females between the ages of 18 and 45, aside from one child of one of the murder victims who was also murdered.  Some of the victims were unidentified. 

Sithole attracted the majority of his victims through offers of employment.  He set up a false organization which was used to identify his victims, gain their trust and lead them to their death. In the beginning, manual strangulation was used as a method of killing; however, as the killer became more experienced the strangling method advanced to the use of ligatures, garret-ligatures and hog-tying.

Previous Criminal History
of Moses Sithole

Sithole had spent some time in prison for rape prior to the beginning of his murder spree.  Four living rape victims have come forward with claims that they were raped by Sithole.  Alleged incidents of rape prior to the killing spree occurred from 1987 to 1989. 

In 1989, Sithole was convicted of rape.  He denied the accusations, but was convicted and sentenced to prison in relation to that case.  He was released in 1993 for good behavior. 

Before his apprehension for the serial murders, calls were made to authorities by a person that they believed to be the serial killer.  In the calls, it was implied that he selected victims that reminded him of a woman who, in his mind, had falsely accused him and sent him to prison. 

After his release for the initial rape charge, he began murdering his rape victims resulting in a massive stream of rape/murder victims.  In relation to these crimes, he has been called the worst serial killer in South Africa.   

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