Murder Cases

Past and present, murder cases is of interest to many.  News reports are generally just based on the facts while talk shows and personal accounts are filled with a lot of drama and opinions.  If you want to get to the crux of the matter, studying the details of the crimes can be beneficial. 

Case studies and court transcripts fill in the blanks with a lot of information that may not be included in the news for one reason or another, along with discounting rumors and bias.  Learning the details takes the sensation out of the case and provides facts that are considered in trying a case. 

Past and Present Murder Cases and theories

Media is filled with accounts of both past and present cases and theories that you may find of interest:

Once the case is tried and the outcome is determined, a lot of the sensation diminishes.  It is then that true stories based on the facts become available.  Some take on a dramatic effect and in some points of view from both sides of the story are presented.  

Are True Crime Stories Relative to Murder Cases?    

Sometimes a little bit of drama and writer bias comes along with true crime stories, no doubt, but if the story is written by an investigative reporter, it is closer to being true to life.  Such stories include observations along with details of facts from the case and accounts derived from interviews with criminals, investigators and other people who have known the victims or the perpetrators personally, and have experienced the tragedy first hand. 

Ann Rule is an awesome writer.  In the true crime story of Ted Bundy, she was able to present both sides of the story very well because she knew the serial killer personally and at one time, was undecided about his guilt.  When she was telling the story, she said of her and Bundy, "Together we saved lives" when she was referring to her partnership with Bundy as a volunteer at the Crisis Clinic in Seattle.  This statement makes you wonder how someone who saved lives in a crisis center possibly could be a serial killer.  Statements like this, whether coming from people who knew the victims or the offender personalize the story.

Whether you choose to learn more about murder news by studying cases or by reading or watching true crime stories, you can see some truth from both sides of the event through the effort. 

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