Sulejman Talovic: 
Shooter at Utah Mall

In February of 2007, Sulejman Talovic perpetrated a mass shooting at Trolley Square Mall which is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Five were killed in the shooting, with four injured.  The massacre ended when the shooter was shot and killed by law enforcement officers. 

News on the event was rather short when compared to other mass shootings.  There was some speculation that it was a terrorist attack, but this view was quickly discounted. 

The shooter was 18 years at the time of the attack.  No motive was ever pinpointed.  He was viewed as a quiet boy who possibly just snapped. 

Who Was Sulejman Talovic?

Talovic moved to America with his family who came from Bosnia when he was a young boy.  He was a legal resident of the United States.  He and his family were refugees who came to the United States to escape the violence in their home country.  What is commonly known as the Bosnian Genocide touched this family and led to their venture to America seek a new life. 

Talovic had some trouble adjusting to school life in his new country.  He was known to transfer from school to school before finally dropping out.  He is described as a loner and a quiet boy, although there are some indications that he engaged in violence or made off the wall comments. 

His family could not understand or explain why the young man would kill strangers.  They viewed him as a good boy.  Members of his family suggested that perhaps there was an unknown influence that led Sulejman to commit such an atrocity.

The Victims and Heroes of the Trolley Square Massacre

The shooting that changed so many lives only lasted a few minutes.  During that time, five people were killed and four were injured.  An off-duty police officer from Ogden, Kenneth Hammond, was in the mall when the shooting started and he was the first responder.

Hammond was quickly joined by officers from the Salt Lake City Police Department and SWAT team.   Sergeant Andrew Oblad, Sergeant Joshua Scharman, Detective Dustin Marshall, Detective Brett Olsen, and Officer Gordon Worsencroft, along with Hammond contributed to the take down of this rampage killer.

Through this mass shooting, five lives were lost.  The age of these victims were from 15 to 53.  The victims that sustained injuries in this event included four who were the ages of 16 to 53.   

The shooter also lost his life through the actions of brave law enforcement officers.  These men put their lives on line to prevent further injuries and murders from occurring. 

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