The Zodiac Killer:
Unsolved Serial Killer Case

The mystery of the Zodiac Killer is ongoing even today.  This is an unsolved serial killer case that dates back to 1968, the year of the first confirmed kill.  The killer taunted law enforcement with letters and cryptograms.  Several murders are suspected to be the works of this unidentified killer; however, the serial murder case has never been solved. 

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  • This killer seemed to randomly choose victims in several locations in northern California. 
  • The time range of this killer being active, based on attacks that are suspected to be linked to this killer in California and Nevada, could be from 1963 to 1971. 
  • Of confirmed attacks, the range is from 1968 to 1969. 
  • During this time, seven people were attacked in California and five of them died of the injuries sustained. 
  • The killer has claimed to have murdered thirty-seven.    



Victims of the Zodiac Killer

Many cases have been examined in regard to possibly being Zodiac victims; however, only seven victims in four attacks have been confirmed by law enforcement to allegedly be the works of this predator.  The claim of thirty-seven victims has never been substantiated through verifiable evidence.   

The two survivors gave descriptions of the attacker.  In one of the attacks his face was seen.  In the other, he was wearing a mask.  There were also witnesses of one attack who shared descriptions of the killer.  Composite were made and distributed in attempts to identify the serial murderer.

Suspects in the Zodiac Case

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Many suspects have been investigated in this cold but active case.  It has been almost half a century since the terror of the Zodiac began.  Attempts have been made to decode cryptograms to discover the identity of the Zodiac.  One was decoded, but didn't seem to help much in solving the mystery.   

Many theories have been developed by law enforcement and amateur investigators.  Death bed confessions have been looked into.  With enhancements in forensic science and technology, evidence collected earlier in the case has been reanalyzed. 

A lot of effort and resources has gone into investigating the serial murders of the Zodiac; however, this chilling case remains unsolved.  The serial killings seem to have stopped, but the questions regarding these random attacks lives on.  

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